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Ship Management

We’ve got your back! Ensure each of your vessel’s successful voyage with our complete back office solutions covering Crew Payroll (Home Allotment, Shipboard Pay, Master Payment Order, and Final Settlement), Vessel Accounting (Invoicing, Payment and Bookkeeping), Vessel Procurement (Supplier Quotation, Order Requisition, Delivery of Items or Spare Parts to warehouse and/or vessels), Helpdesk Support (Remote access to Vessel Computer System) and Technical Management (Technical Superintendent to board the vessel).

We train our team to work with various systems according to your distinctive needs and requirements, allowing you more opportunities to concentrate on the core of your business.

  • —   Crew Payroll
  • —   Vessel Accounting
  • —   Vessel Procurement
  • —   Helpdesk
  • —   Technical Management

Human Resources

For the maritime industry, our team manages short to long-term workforce planning, crew scheduling and logistics management for functional departments in Fleet Operations.

Through skillful and reliable execution of these tasks, the accurate transmission of contracts and timely arrival of qualified applicants are ensured, resulting in efficient and cost-effective vessel operations.

  • —   Manpower Sourcing and Recruitment
  • —   Compensation and Benefits
  • —   Workforce Planning and Scheduling
  • —   Pre-Employment Medical Exam
  • —   Training

Supply Chain Management

We manage the procurement of ship spare parts and related materials, food and beverage supplies and other logistical requirements. Through this service, ship managers are assured that the right products and services, at the best prices available, are delivered to their vessels when they want it and where they want it.

  • —   Purchase Order Processing
  • —   Vendor Sourcing and Management
  • —   Invoice Processing and Monitoring
  • —   Order Track and Fulfilment
  • —   Inventory Management

Accounting Services

We look after all back office operations to assure their timely and accurate delivery plus, provide financial information that aid Principals in making sound management decisions.

  • —   Preparation of Financial Statements
  • —   Accounting Systems Management
  • —   Invoice Tracking, Processing and Monitoring
  • —   Payroll Services
  • —   Bookkeeping Services

IT Application Services

The Ship management and maritime industries are aided profoundly today by different kinds of technologies that not only ensure safer and more efficient global operations, but also make life on board more comfortable, covenient and manageable than ever before.

From navigation and communications systems, to multiple engine, fuel, power, climate, temperature control, maintenance, supplies, cargo operations, transfer and others, IT systems need constant monitoring, record-keeping and analysis.

We work together with a strong base of topnotch developers and experienced IT professionals capable of servicing routine monitoring, maintenance as well as the more critical-mission aspects of IT for ship operations.

  • —   Application Development and Maintenance
  • —   IT Helpdesk
  • —   Desktop Support
  • —   Network Operations
  • —   Software Product Development
  • —   IT Infrastructure
  • —   Web Design
  • —   Quality Assurance and Systems Testing
  • —   Mobile Application Development
  • —   Data Analytics

24/7 Contact Center and Crew Assist

Emergencies such as adjustments in travel and hotel requirements, last minute scheduling and port logistics changes, immigration problems and other concerns are promptly addressed by dedicated administrators available at any given time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We stay on top of the situation with genuine care and customer support that understands.

  • —   Emergency ticket requests within six (6) days of travel
  • —   Hotel requests
  • —   Immigration queries
  • —   Last minute OK to board request
  • —   Port agent assistance including ground transfers
  • —   Validation of Employee

Crew assist may extend to crew administration such as payroll and benefits, remittance, health insurance and other financial management concerns.

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