Employee Stories

Mary Grace Paraiso
Team Leader

Like a caterpillar transformed beautifully into a butterfly because of the people around me, helping me surmount all the adversities.

It can be tough working as a database builder. From the creation of a ship’s structure from a blank database, sorting of the necessary information through instruction manuals and then the insertion of needed entries into the database itself, being snowed under with work boosts someone’s tenacity.

But there is also a sense of urgency knowing the mission-critical nature and importance of our work providing operational support services for the Shipping and Maritime industries that move world trade.

Out here in the outsourcing capital of the world, there is also one’s sense of pride working alongside other highly talented and highly motivated individuals that make up the FMSS team. Here, I have met different people with many different personalities, who have become friends and family to me, engaged as we all are in a highly challenging but fun and fulfilling environment that is also making all of us the best we can be as persons and professionals.

I myself am still a work in progress, who has endured what can be physically and emotionally taxing work but in the same process have only learned to be more compassionate to co-workers and just more appreciative of our Company. FMSS and PTC have got truly good leaders always there to help develop us to become problem-solvers, and always living up to our mantra: Together, we can move the world in more ways than one.

Jorecel Acha
Senior Buyer FMSS-NSC Team

An opportunity to grow, not only as an individual but as a professional and a leader.

I was working in Dubai earlier on at many different companies and interacting with people of various nationalities. It was a very exciting time for me, and highly fulfilling knowing the global nature of one’s work. It was only when I realized that I was pregnant with my second son that I decided it was time to return and to stay, here in the Philippines to be with my family.

Not long after came the need to be productive and to work again. This was also the time that I found FMSS, a company with a great working environment that also provided one an opportunity to work for global concerns, to be part of moving the world.

Though I applied for the Senior Buyer position, the company saw enough in me to come in as a supervisor to junior buyers and beyond that challenged me to be leader of our TEAM.

The long and short of it is that I accepted the job offer because I know that FMSS is giving me the opportunity to grow, not only as an individual but as a professional manager and a leader.

At FMSS one feels genuine care for both clients and employees -- high-quality services that clients deserve, powered by highly driven and motivated people.

Our own leaders and managers are very accommodating, easy and honestly quite awesome to work with. Really, it feels great to be part of a company that knows how to value and appreciate people. And when you have a happy place to work and great co-workers, it makes you feel like you’re at home. I am just happy and blessed to be part of FMSS TEAM!

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